WIPCUT is the work of a group of local residents. The group has no political affiliation and no special expertise in local government, just the experience of years of interaction with the Council. The group’s focus is primarily on the Fulwood Conservation Area, the Harris Park Conservation Area and the College and Garrison wards.

WIPCUT believes that Preston City Council could do better – in many cases, much better. By the “Council” we mean not just the elected councillors but also the employed officers. We have spent countless hours dealing with and, where appropriate, challenging, the Council.

Cllr Bobbie Cartwright described one of our group as a “rebel” (at the planning committee meeting on 5 October 2017). It should have been a compliment, though it was not. The individuals who comprise the group are regarded as a nuisance by the Council, whose attitude to one in particular is now to be as obstructive as possible to him whenever he questions the Council’s conduct. But the attempt to frustrate WIPCUT in looking into the activities of the Council has merely made the group more determined.

Some of the work of the Council is exemplary, such as waste management and street cleansing but look closely at say, the work of the planning department – a department whose work affects each and every resident – and as the following pages demonstrate, the failings are obvious.

For the Council to just say “sorry” (as it does) on multiple occasions is simply not good enough.

So, like Ian Hislop, we are interested in what happens in Preston and “think that it matters and that it could get better.”

If you agree with WIPCUT that “it could get better” and you want to make a difference, please contact WIPCUT via the contact page.


But first, what should we expect? The Council has made a public pronouncement of what it will deliver and how it will deliver it:

  • Fairness at the heart of decision making”


  • “Open and acceptable”


  • “Doing the best we can for the people of Preston”


  • “Value for money”


  • “Ambitious, striving for EXCELLENCE in all that we do”


  • “Act honestly and responsibly, being open and accessible to all”


  • “Deliver value for money, ready to embrace change and innovation”


So let’s, in the pages that follow, see how it has performed…


Please note that this website contains much correspondence that requires close attention. The site is best viewed on a PC or laptop. The construction of the pages is an ongoing project (the site was launched in April 2018). Not all of the pages have been completed and not all of the links are yet operative – it is a time-consuming task to prepare and load on the many letters and emails – so please be patient, they are coming. Any changes arising as a result of the election on 3 May will be incorporated as soon as possible.