“Take back control” – the cry of Brexiteers. But you do not need to travel to Brussels to find important decisions that affect our everyday lives being taken by unelected officials. It’s happening here in Preston.

The Council’s officers, the employees of the Council, take these important decisions, many of them free from scrutiny or challenge.

What do your local councillors do? Are they effective in looking after your interests, both individual and community interests?

And what does your MP do?

This site will be up and running by the time of the local elections on 3 May. It will focus on the Garrison and College wards and the Fulwood and Harris Park conservation areas.

It is non-political – the object is to inform so that you will have an insight on whether the Council is living up to its promises of:-

  • “Fairness at the heart of decision making”
  • “Open and acceptable”
  • “Doing the best we can for the people of Preston”
  • “Value for money”
  • “Ambitious, striving for EXCELLENCE in all that we do”
  • “Act honestly and responsibly, being open and accessible to all”
  • “Deliver value for money, ready to embrace change and innovation”


And whether the Councillors are “Working for you all year round, caring for College ward”


Come back soon and find out!