The idea for this site came from the “Rotten Boroughs” column in Private Eye.

Ian Hislop, the editor of Private Eye and panellist on Have I Got News for You put it succinctly in an interview in March 2018:

“I’m a sceptic and I think that’s what the Eye does. It looks at a story or a version of events and says ‘Is that right?’ It might not be…We run a piece about a local council, it doesn’t say there are lots of local councillors who do a very good job, that isn’t really what we do.  We say look at this, look at this, look at this and the whole point of pointing out areas where people are failing or are corrupt or muddleheaded or destructive is to say that shouldn’t be happening. 

“You need to be interested, you need to think that it matters and that it could get better.

“People say ‘you think they’re all liars and the only reason they are in it is for themselves.’  That isn’t the only reason all of them are in it.  That’s fairly clear.  But the ones who are, or the ones who become so, you should point it out and you should say so forcefully, to make sure that it gets cleaner.  That for me is the whole point of it.” 

And also the point of this site.